Leveraging Nearshoring: How nordic countries can thrive during uncertain economic times Part II

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This is an article of a series on Nordic countries and why they should consider nearshoring. If you’ve missed the first part, check it out here.

In this article, we will cover some of the most important things when considering a partnership, like:

  • Cultural compatibility
  • Intelectual property protection
  • Accelerated time-to-market

Cultural compatibility

Working with a nearshoring partner often comes with the added benefit of cultural and linguistic similarities. Based on our experience at Moonlysoft with our existing partners, we identified a collection of cultural similarities that makes our partnership thrive.


In Nordic workplaces, it’s common to have a “flat organizational structure,” which means that everyone is seen as equal and works together as a team. At Moonlysoft, we also believe in this approach and encourage teamwork and personal responsibility.

This way of working makes it easier for our colleagues to fit in with Nordic companies. Our team members can ask for help when they need it, while simultaneously taking full ownership of their work.

Consensus-based decision-making

Nordic cultures are well-known for their preference for consensus-based decision-making. This means that they place a lot of importance on working together as a team and having open discussions to ensure everyone’s ideas are heard. At Moonlysoft, we value our colleagues and encourage them to speak their minds. This creates a more inclusive, supportive, and collaborative work environment for all team members.

Trust and Transparency

Nordic societies highly value trust and transparency, both in personal relationships and within the public sphere.

At Moonlysoft, trust and transparency are fundamental pillars of our company culture. We believe in “tough love”, where we strive for the best for everyone and communicate both positive and negative news.

We promote transparency by implementing various strategies, such as openly sharing information with team members, setting clear expectations, and providing regular updates on project progress. Additionally, we prioritize building trust by encouraging employees to voice their opinions, ask questions, and share constructive feedback without fear of negative repercussions.

To promote trust, we offer our exclusive program, the “All-Gain, No-Pain Program“, to our partners. If for any reason you’re unhappy with our services, we’ll refund your investment.

Minimalism and Functionality

Nordic design is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. We share the Nordic design philosophy and believe that “making complex things simple” is the way to go. We recognize that software products can often be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, which is why we strive to create products that are user-friendly and intuitive. Our design process involves a focus on creating a clear flow and structure, with a code base that is easily readable by developers. By prioritizing simplicity and ease of use, we believe that we can create software that is not only functional but also enjoyable to use.

Intellectual property protection

EU Directives and Regulations: Romania follows all EU laws about protecting intellectual property, such as copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. This makes sure there are strong and consistent rules for protecting intellectual property across the EU, including Nordic countries.

Confidentiality Agreements: Moonlysoft promises to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with Nordic clients. This means all information related to the project is kept secret. This ensures important information and trade secrets are protected well while developing software.

Secure Data Management: Moonlysoft follows best practices for keeping data safe and secure, including following the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This makes sure intellectual property and personal data are completely safe throughout the whole project.

Trusted software: Moonlysoft uses only software that is well-known and trusted, like Microsoft 365, Github, JetBrains


Accelerated time-to-market

Moonlysoft’s agility allows Nordic companies to quickly scale their development teams to meet project requirements. This adaptability leads to faster development cycles, ensuring timely project delivery. In today’s fast-paced market, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition, and Moonlysoft’s accelerated time-to-market capabilities give Nordic businesses the advantage they need to succeed.

With the ability to rapidly assemble or reconfigure teams, organizations can respond to changing market demands and stay competitive in the global landscape.

In addition to accelerated development cycles, Moonlysoft’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics, enables Nordic businesses to drive innovation and maintain a strong presence in their respective industries.

Moreover, this beneficial collaboration enables companies to delegate the risk associated with their projects by adjusting the number of developers needed based on their market position. This means that larger companies can allocate more resources and have more developers working on a project, while smaller companies can still remain competitive by scaling down the number of developers needed.

This marks the end of our series on why Nordic Countries should consider nearshoring in Romania. You can further see how our company is partnering up with such companies (see Willba success story).


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