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A great workplace combines exceptional people with challenging problems.

Who are we?

Moonlysoft is a Technology Partner that focuses on turning your aspirations into reality.

Our core principles revolve around trust, accountability, and a never ending pursuit of growth. We’ve brought together a community of like-minded individuals who deeply value open, honest communication, hard work, and a rewards-focused approach to business. These values extend to both our internal team and our cherished clients.
To us, technology and progress are inseparable. Technology opens up a world of possibilities, and our purpose is to exploit that potential alongside you. We are passionate about pushing forward and forming strong partnerships with people that share the goal of progress. Our approach is grounded in achieving results with integrity, professionalism, and straightforward communication.

Our Values​



We believe that progress is the way to achieve happiness. Regardless of your position in Moonlysoft, each leader has the opportunity to grow.



We take ownership of our actions. Each leader is encourage to try and experiment while taking ownership of the good and the bad things that will happen.



We believe that in order to move forward as an entity, all the pieces should know the direction. Transparent organization means we talk directly with our leaders, regardless if it's bad or good - We call this "though love".

Flat Organization

Flat Organization

We intend to keep Moonlysoft as a startup like organization. Everyone is treated equal and we firmly believe each of our colleagues is a leader and has the power to decide.

Software that lights the moon.

How everything started

We started our journey in February 2022, when our CEO, Ioan Solovastru, decided to pursue a career in tech entrepreneurship over a career in corporate management.

He chose to build his own company as a result of his personal growth goals and because he couldn’t find a company with his own perspective of work environment: a non zero-sum environment, where both the clients and employees can learn, grow and therefore win together.

Because he couldn’t find this during his 5 years of working in various companies, he now wants to offer this to his team, collaborators and clients. 
He gathered like-minded individuals who appreciate open communication, hard effort, and the idea of constant learning for ongoing progress. Our concept is centered on development, both for our teams and for our clients.


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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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