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Giftpedia is an application developed in-house as a Proof of Concept by Moonlysoft developers.

It is a simple and intuitive app that uses the OpenAI ChatGPT model to prompt a set of gifts based on UI inputs. The application is composed of three screens

  1. Homepage: the place where the user adds the data
  2. Loading screen: based on the user’s data, Giftpedia fetches creates the outcome and then generates a set of possible gifts
  3. Result: the page where the user has a list of gifts


How it works

Giftpedia is a simple application that uses Next.js as a frontend framework and serverless functions for backend processes.

In terms of third-party libraries, we have used the API provided by OpenAI to generate a list of gift ideas. Having such a list, we’ve used Amazon API to query each result generated by ChatGPT. The result is a set of 30+ gift ideas that have a name, image, rating, review, and are clickable directly to amazon item.


You can play around at:


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